About Us

MakZ Insurance Brokers Limited is a limited liability company established to offer general insurance broking services.

MakZ Insurance Brokers Limited is committed to providing bespoke services to its customers. The company provides insurance in classes of business namely, motor, fire, accident, marine, aviation, engineering and liability insurance. We will ensure that our clients find the best coverage at the right price that suits their circumstances. The company also provides insurance risk consultancy services to the clients.

This is achieved by being close the customer and providing a unique service through a dedicated team and operational framework that will aim at achieving efficiency and effectiveness; with oversight from a vibrant, dedicated, proffessional and diversely skilled board that is passionate with the mission and values of the company and committed to adhering to good governance standards.

Our Vision

To be a firm link to the provision of financial peace of mind; and maximum value.

Our Mission

To provide the best advice on appropriate insurance cover for all insurance needs for individual and corporate clients. We are dedicated to providing appropriate risk management advice and services in order to support business growth of clients; and strive to establish mutually beneficial proffessional relationships in the process of adding value to each other’s business.

Our Values

  1. Integrity: The company believes in always doing the right thing, not just for comformity, but as an underlying principle of how it will conduct its business and deal with all stakeholders.
  2. Customer Centricity: The company believes that the natural courtsey and respect in all relationships is important. For the client, this entails being close to the client, identifying the client’s needs and working towards fulfilling those needs to the saticifaction of the client-going that extra mile.
  3. Fairness: Equity is one of the beliefs of the company. Treating others as one would want to be treated brings out an environment where all are happy. Fairness breeds trust and trust results in relationships where parties are ready to give their best.
  4. Professionalism: The company believes that it is important to gain others confidence through delivering on its promises. This entails having in place a team that is able to deliver efficiently and effectively.
  5. Innovation: The foundation of the business is on striving to do everything exceptionally and better. To give the customer that she/he misses from the market.

Our Executive Team

Sekani Makuta


Nelicy Malange


Our Board of Directors

Ms. Tandulenji Zimba


Mr. Mvanani Kamvazina


Ms. Asante Makuta


Mrs Nelicy Malange


Mrs. Gloria Mbendera