Accident Insurance

This policy covers Burglary, All Risks, Money, Goods in Transit, Fidelity Guarantee, Public/Products Liability, Plate Glass, Golfers, Travel, Professional Indemnity, Workers Compensation, Bonds and Guarantees.

  • Burglary:
    Loss of or damage to property due to actual violent and forcible entry or exit from premises.
  • Group Personal Accident/Personal Accident:
    Bodily injury, Death, Total Partial Disablement and Permanent Disablement resulting solely and directly from accident caused by outward violent and visible means which shall occur directly and independently of any other cause.
  • Money:
    Loss of or damage to money belonging to the insured or for which the Insured is responsible. Damage to safe and strong room.
  • All Risks:
    Accidental Loss or damage to business and personal gadgets like laptops, cell phones and watches and other similar items.
  • Fidelity Guarantee:
    Loss of money or real properties and merchandise by the employer through acts of fraud, dishonesty, forgery or theft committed by employees in connection with their occupation or duties.
  • Public Liability:
    Accidental death of or loss or bodily injury or illness of any Person happening in connection with the business or about the insured Premises. Accidental loss or damage to property in connection with the business at or about the insured premises.
  • Directors and officers Liability:
    Claims made against the insured including claimants’ costs and expenses arising out of any wrongful act by the insured in their capacities as Directors or Officers of the company.
  • Workers Compensation:
    Death ,Bodily injury, Total Disablement and medical expenses in course of working under WCA act of I990
    Death, Bodily injury, total disablement, and medical expenses in the coarse of working as a result of proven negligence of the Employer under common law.
  • Plate Glass:
    Accidental damage of or specified lettering or ornamentation of any specified frames or similar fittings damaged together with the breakage of such glass.
  • Travel:
    Accidental loss of baggage, personal effects and money
    Medical expenses
    Burial, cremation or return of mortal remains in case of death
    Accidental death and permanent total disablement
    Personal Liability
    Cancellation, curtailment and delay
  • Golfers:
    Liability to the public due to accidental death or bodily injury ; accidental property damage happening during the period of playing or practicing golf on any recognized golf course.
  • Bankers Blanket Bond(Crime and Civil Liability)
    Employee dishonesty, transit risk, forged securities, Counterfeit currency, Computer crime, civil liability and defence costs and liabilities.
  • Bonds and Guarantee
  • Livestock:
    Mortality or damage to livestock by death or emergency slaughter on medical grounds due to insured perils


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