Car/Motor Insurance

Types of cover

  • Comprehensive:

Accidental loss of, or damage to, the insured vehicle including third party liabilities.

  • Third party fire and theft:

Accidental damage to the insured vehicle due to fire and theft including third party liabilities.

  • Fire and Theft Only:

Accidental damage to the insured vehicle due to fire or theft

  • Third Party Only:

Death or bodily injury to third parties or damage to third party property as a result of use of the insured motor vehicle.

Classes of motor insurance cover

  • Motor Private:

Insurance cover for saloons, station wagons, twin cabs used for own (personal/private) use.

  • Motor Commercial:

Insurance cover for motor vehicles such as light and heavy goods vehicles, busses that used for hire and reward.

  • Motor Cycles:

Insurance cover for motor cycles.

  • Motor Special Types:

Commercial insurance cover for special types of vehicle such as tractors, trailers, excavators.

  • Motor Contingent:

Insurance cover against the liability which may be incurred by the employer or firm from the negligent driving of their employee or the owner of the vehicle whose policy cover may have lapsed or is invalid in some other way.

  • Motor Traders:

Insurance cover for businesses such as second hand motor dealers, mechanics or breakdown recovery firms whose employees may have to drive vehicles belonging to customers or vehicles belonging to the firm.


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